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LLC «City Stroy»

Created as a classical building company, for last years has turned to the

research-and-production organization with representations in different countries.

At the enterprise works over fifty high quality experts in various areas.

Priority directions of activity of the company are:

  • Scientific researches and development in the area of natural and engineering science.
  • Works on monitoring of condition and pollution of surrounding environment.
  • Granting of the information of condition and pollution of surrounding environment.
  • Technical tests, researches and certification.
  • Tests and the analysis of structure and cleanliness of materials and substances:

the analysis of chemical and biological properties of materials and substances

(air, water, household and industrial waste, fuel, metal, ground, chemical substances).

  • Tests and the analysis in scientific areas (microbiology, biochemistry,bacteriology, etc.)

        Since the date of found of  the company has concentrated on introduction in a national economy of the high technologies developed in leading

institutes of the Academy of sciences Russia. It and protection of an environment against technogenic pollution, and development of methods of increase of petrofeedback of layers, and prevention of possible crisis situations on collieries of the country.    Circle of interests and practical activities of LLC «City Stroy» lays first of all, in the area of biotechnologies, many of which are realized at a microlevel and concern to the category nanotechnologies.


Свитнев - Поспелов  Work on creation hydrocarbon-oxidizing preparations was made by LLC «Microbic technologies»  together with LLC «City Stroy»  and has come to the end with creation of commercial preparation Devouroil that has been fixed by registration of the trade mark ¹ 163575 and 163576 by 31.01 97 and the patent ¹ 2114071 by 22.05.97.




LLC  «City Stroy» believes in manufacturing of highly effective biological product Devouroil and introduction of technology of its application at clearing the natural and industrial objects polluted by oil, providing ecological safety of an environment returning of the grounds in wildlife management granted the Gold Quality symbol of Inter-regional public organization " Moscow Association of Businessmen " and the Gold Sign " All-Russia Mark (III millenium). The Quality symbol of XXI century " 

The developer of Devoroil preparation is Open Company "Microbic technologies".

Manufacturing of Devoroil joint, and is carried out on the equipment of LLC "City Stroy".





 Biological preparation Devoroil intended for:

Clearing of territories and equipment of the oil-extracting enterprises, petrotransport and oil refining industries, including - storehouses of oil and mineral oil (oil slime), warehouses of the petroleum products;

territories of military bases, airports, depot, washing and filling stations; natural reservoirs and sea water areas, and also storm and sewage from hydrocarbonic pollution.


 Opportunities of clearing:

  • Oil - it is high and low paraffined, viscous, with high maintenance of sulfur, etc.;
  • Oil products - black oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, various oils;
  • Aromatic substances - phenol, benzene, aniline;

Microorganisms effectively oxidize a wide spectrum of oil hydrocarbons:in a wide range of environment acidity (рH 4,5 - 9,5); temperatures (+5 up to + 40 C); salt component of environment (up to 150 g/l).

Duration of clearing of ground, as a rule, is 1-3 months. The degree of clearing depends on initial size of pollution, a kind of mineral oil, mechanical structure of a ground, creation of an optimum water-air mode, etc.

Effectiveness oxidation of oil hydrocarbons reaches 99 %

Devoroil is ecologically safe as a result of biodegradation oil the neutral products which are not rendering negative action on ecosystem are formed. Standard tests on shellfish and fishes have not fixed negative action on hydrobionts. Devoroil it is resolved to application by the State Committee of sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision at the President of the Russian Federation and a commission of experts of central administrative board of the state ecological examination of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of Russia.

Devoroil - a dry preparation, its worker solutions not firing also are explosion-proof. Temperature of spontaneous ignition of a biological product - 435°C, the bottom limit of ignition - 195,5°C.

Biological product Devoroil is applied commercially since 1992, preparation Devoroil is completely certificated, including the Ecological certificate.

Biological product "Devoroil" and the technology of its application in the petropolluted territories was represented at the International exhibitions to Russia and abroad: Ecology Russia (Moscow), Oil and Gas (Moscow, Alma-Ata, Tyumen), Terratec (Leipzig), OFSO-94 (Singapore).

The decision of International Jury "Devoroil" rewarded the diploma and the Gold medal «Archimed-2001», the Gold medal of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre.


The technology of application of a biological product in Open Society " Moscow oil-refining factory" is awarded the diploma of competition " the National ecological premium " by it. V.I.Vernadskogo for 2004

LLC "City Stroy" and LLC "Microbic technologies" for development and introduction of Devoroil preparation are awarded the status of the winner of "the Gold quality symbol of the Moscow Association of Businessmen".

Biological preparation Devoroil, dry form, produced by LLC "City Stroy" rewarded with Golden Mark "All-Russian Mark (III millenium). Quality symbol of XXI century"

All produced production is protected by the Patent, the Trade mark - by the certificate on the Trade mark.

The trade mark is registered in the following countries: France, the Great Britain, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Germany, China (including Hong Kong and Macao), Japan, and Spain.

 The Open Company «City Stroy» has the representetors: Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai.



The rights to sales of biological product Devoroil belong to Open Company of City Build.

  The Open Company "City Stroy" offers: DEVOROIL Biological preparation for clearing oil pollution on water and soil a dry form (THAT 9291-023-45181233-03) yellow powder.

Packing - polyethylene or paper bag no more than 25 kg of weight with a polyethylene leaf.

Warranty period of storage of the biological product in dry premises with humidity no more than 80 % from -30 to +15°С - 1 year.

 The order of delivery across the Russian Federation:

 the Preparation releases from a warehouse to the address of: 117312, Moscow, the prospectus 60 - letiya Octyabrya, 7/2

Minimal party - 100 kg;

Conditions of delivery: 100 % an advance payment.

Term of delivery: 7 days (up to 2 tons of a preparation).

Export:      Code ТНВЭД  3002 90 5000

  • Devoroil is delivered on DDU conditions;
  • Minimal party - 100 kg;
  • Conditions  of delivery:  100 % an advance payment;
  • Period deliveries of 20 days: (7 days on manufacture + 4 days Customs + 9 days delivery DHL) for Agents is carried out under the Contract where conditions are certain.


Our experts will consult you on any questions, always ready to leave on a place of work, to train the personnel - how correctly to apply biotechnology of Devoroil.