Bacterial preparation Remisoil New


Bacterial preparation Remisoil TU (ТУ) 9291-122-59598913-2017

The preparation is intended for the oil and oil products biodegradation in contaminated soils, natural water bodies, water areas, waste waters of enterprises, the inner surfaces of oil tanks and oil wells tubings.

The preparation contains non-pathogenic microorganisms of the genera Rhodococcus, Candida (Yarrowia) и Lysinibacillus.

The basis forming strains of microorganisms of the biological product Remisoil are isolated from the natural environment, the product is safe for the environment. Readily decomposing bacterial protein and environmentally friendly neutral products of decomposition of oil hydrocarbons are formed as a result of oil biodegradation, which do not have a negative effect on ecosystems.

The soil, solid sewage sludge, sewage and water bodies themselves comply the requirements of the Sanitary Regulations and Norms 2.1.71287-03 «Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements for Soil Quality», and the water of reservoirs and wastewater of enterprises comply with the requirements of Sanitary Regulations and Norms, p. 7 «Hygienic requirements for the protection of surface waters» and SP, p. 3.1 «Hygienic requirements for the protection of groundwater from pollution» after treatment.

Environmental assessment of the preparation effectiveness:

Researches carried out at the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University has shown that the biological preparation Remisoil helps to increase the efficiency of purification and restoration of the original natural environments’ properties, while not exerting a negative impact on the environment itself.

The Remisoil preparation is safe for human life and health, the environment, fireproof, explosion-proof, does not contain narcotic and toxic substances.

During long-term storage, the biological product should be kept in dry rooms protected from atmospheric precipitation and direct sunlight at a constant temperature between +2⁰С and +5⁰С/15 ⁰С (aqueous suspension / dry form). Joint storage of a biological product with toxic and biocidal substances is not allowed. Freezing or heating of the biological product is not allowed.

A short-term (no more than 5 days) temperature increase up to +30⁰С / 40⁰С is allowed during transportation.